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Welcome to Kazuno Judo Online Academy

Kazuno Judo would like to create an online platform where we utilize the power of Judo in all its facets. Our classes focus on core strength development for all and fundamental movement skills development in our Mini Judo U/7's classes. 


Membership is based on a monthly fee per device/household, not per student participating.



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Mini Judo Under 7's

A fun interactive class aimed at developing the Fundamental Movement Skills needed to thrive in any sport environment and form a sports identity.

Ideal for ages 4-7


2pm - 2.40pm

Cost per device/household:

R200 per month

Judo Juniors and Seniors Classes

This class is aimed at developing core strength, coordination, timing, and overall fitness. Beginners are welcome.

Three times a week:

Monday 3pm - 4pm

Wednesday 3pm - 4pm

Friday 3pm - 4pm

Cost per device/household:

R350 per month

How does it work exactly?

A Kazuno Online Academy membership is separate from our Central dojo membership. 


Class fees are calculated per month for each class/course registered for, NOT PER MEMBER participating. For example, if you register for our Judo U/7's Class, your single monthly fee stays the same whether there are 1 or 5 people on one online device. You are, however, not permitted to share the login information with third parties/devices.

1. Fill in the registration form. 

2. The main member will be added to a WhatsApp group for that class. Here we will share exclusive resources, reminders, and links to the recordings of your classes so you may repeat it again, or if you could not attend for some reason. 

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